Wednesday, December 31, 2008

1.6 kilos babeeeeeeeee

yes its true 1.6 kilos ! I seriously did not expect to lose that much....there was even a wondering if i gained (seems kinda silly now lol) but the most i was realistically expecting was 800 double that is simply amazing...and I am now convinced it all comes down to weighing and tracking ! Combined with my 25 minutes of exercise i did 5 times last week. i have my eye on someone....they live local...we hang out a bit...have a nice friendship....and she is currently getting over her last relationship. Anyway, someone last nite said to her "if your head was in the right head space Id ask you out" WHO THE HELL TOOK OVER MY BODY AND SAID THAT??? wtf did that confidence come from???? LOL Anyway she told me not to discount her....shes not in the right head space at the moment...but to not discount im all smiles today ;) A lil while later she said...ill have to come over sometime soon so u can watch this pink i was like sure...u can come over for din over the next week or so ill try and organise that!

Anyway my NYE is going to be quiet as i have to work at 8.30am all have a good and SAFE new year....and more power to all of us with 2009 xox


donna said...

well done on the loss kazz it just shows how good the program is if u stick to it
have a good night

Elsha said...

Congrats on the loss!

Have a good New Year!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well done~!

You might knock over half your achievement list in the next fortnight if dinner is successful!

Happy New Year!

Tina said...

Great 2nd weigh in Kazz.

You are doing so well.


Tania said...

Way to go Kazz - at this rate I might not recognise you when we next catch up ... lol ... what a well deserved birthday present!