Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone

...well I have had a lovely day. Spent most of it watching L word. I made some low point truffles and also did 25 minutes of exercise. Taking my exercise points into account I head in tomorrow with 1 point saved ;) I had a 97% fat free turkey roll which was delicious. I woke up and went and got my presents and took them back to bed to unwrap...thats one pro to be alone eh? lol...My mum gave me money, and my sister and her family spoilt me. I got a watch, 2 lip gloss's, 2 necklaces (can we say BLING!) and a teatowel made by Danielles child care/kindergarten where all the babies hand prints were on it and all the kids who can draw...did a drawing on it with their names next to it....really cute and of course Danielles drawing was on it.

Then tonight I got a message from someone asking me wanting to know what time i was working saturday...once I told her,,,she asked me if i wanted to go to a party...telling me she would pick me up and get me home safe ;) so thats really quite exciting so have now had to quickly go thru the few clothes I bought over here and wash a top to wear LOL....I think we can really classify this as a good week ! And what I will do as well is take some photos before I leave tomorrow.

I hope it was a fab day for all =]

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Tania said...

How relaxing!!! I'm envious of your Christmas day but I guess you always want what you don't have huh?