Monday, December 29, 2008

Exercise points..

Wow...just checked my tracker....have done 12.5 points of exercise this week...a big improvement on last week as was only 5.5 points that week. My fingers are still crossed for a loss on wednesday...I realise last weeks loss of 5.1 kilos was huge...and my body may be thinking wtf? Also I have upped the exercise this week including some resistance and light weight work so I could be building muscle as well.

Tomorrow of course is my birthday...i am going out for lunch...ive checked the menu and am deciding between two options either Lamb fillet marinated in lemon, garlic & a blend of Greek spices. Cooked to your liking, served with salad greens, baby bocconcini, spanish onion, roma tomatoes, cucumber wafers. Finished with roasted capsicum & basil coulis or Chicken tenderloins marinated in cajun spices, grilled & served with baby cos leaves, oven baked pancetta, roma tomatoes, crunchy croutons & finished with a house made ranch dressing, i was gonna get the chicken salad but im kinda leaning towards the greek lamb figuring both would be around 10 points...decisions decisions lol I mite opt for the lamb salad cos i dont have red meat often so it mite be good to get some red meat in me.

Not a lot else going on...making a chicken burger tonite for dinner...with one of steggles chicken breast fillets (only 2.5 points and is crumbed =])

Oh airlie - so nice seeing u u still have a journal?

Im sure ill be back tomorrow...enjoy till then all =]

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Anonymous said...

why thanks - i write a journal by hand, but not online.

I would definitely go the lamb!

Happy birthday!