Sunday, December 28, 2008

3 days off....

3 days off now...glorious...glorious...glorious...been really good foodwise again. Jumped on the scales tonite...and they dont look like ive lost...even wondering if i may be going to have a gain...ive been spot on with my food so the only thing i can think is cos I lost so much last body is prolly balancing out...regardless im noticing the difference in my clothes...i will weigh myself tomorrow for more of a idea. But regardless I know Ive done nothing wrong...and will keep doing what i am doing.

We were really quiet yesterday and today at work thankfully...i played a lot of backgammon LOL

Have come under my points by half a point today so all good.

Finally got a call tonight from a guy coming to do maintenance work on the airconditioning - thank gawd ! The a/c is so freaking loud you turn it on and it sounds like a aeroplane about to take off...i dont turn it on cos its so noisy so will be good to be able to turn it on. So anyway he is coming 10.30am tomorrow morning...then in the afternoon need to go do the grocery shopping. I also decided as my "treat" for my bday since i dont wanna buy cake or anything....i will uy meringue egg nest and put some of the nestles chocolate dessert (the one for 1 point) and then pop strawberries on top...think that should do me quite nicely !

Okies off to watch the end of jerry mcguire before ni all =]

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Hippygal said...

Yummm love meringue's I have them with lite cream occasionally. Have a lovely 3 days off :-)