Thursday, July 03, 2014

Thursday July 3

So I had the first "official" skype meeting with my nutritional guru last night and it all went REALLY well!!! So the basics of it was i am to eat 1800 calories a day, a minimum of 135 grams of protein and a minimum of 75 grams of fat. I thought getting the protein that high would be the hard part but it is actually getting the fat that high which was hard. But he suggested I stop having low fat dairy and ta-da hit it!

I have had to set up a spreadsheet....which i will daily add my morning weigh in, how many steps I took, what I did at the gym and any time where I was hungry and what I felt the hunger was from (ie real hunger, boredom etc)

Tonight I need to do some measurements and take some photos.

I need to also list my favourite 5 vegies and my favourite 3 fruits so he can see whether the ones I eat have good saeity (think he saw I dont eat lots of fruit and vegies)

Enjoy your day all!

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