Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Making it my passion!

So i wanted to do a post on making this weight loss journey "my passion". So there are several ways I went about this previously.

The first is reading. Knowledge is power. I am always keen to read good health, fitness, weight loss books - altho I haven't read any for a long time! If anyone has any books they can recommend please add a comment or you can email me at But I thought I would include some books I have read in the past and found good:

  • Inner health, outer beauty by Joanna McMillan
  • The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone
  • Master your metabolism by Jillian Michaels (this one admittedly is a hard read very technical with lots of science words!)
  • The end of overeating by David Kessler

Of course there are also weight loss journals you can read so I am going to include a few I often read - but if you know of any other good ones please share!!!

I am always keen for other good journals that update still please share i am always after good ones! (I know there are some other good ones like bitchcakes but I am wanting ones that are active still)

Other things you can do is sign up for yahoo or google alerts - select your topics of interest and they will appear how often you want in your inbox!

Another good site is - I havent used this site for a long time but use to a takes you from site to site for your favourite topics...its fab :)

Watch...with you tube, tv and streaming shows there is lots of good options for what we can view.

There are shows like :

  • Extreme weight loss 
  • Biggest loser
  • Half tonne hospital (on foxtel)
  • The fat doctor (on foxtel)
  • My 400lb life (on foxtel)
You can find episodes of most if not all of these on you tube - any other recommendations? Share in comments or email me on

Podcasts - I only really listen to one but am keen for others which is (not surprising!) The Jillian Michaels Show (find it on itunes) - do you listen to any health, fitness, weight loss, fat loss shows? Please share!

A good resource also is which has a lot of good documentaries on it (some you can find on you tube as well) some of my favourites are:

  • food inc
  • hungry for change
  • simply raw : reversing diabetes
  • fat, sick and nearly dead
Im also keen for any other documentaries people can recommend!

So theres some steps, don't make weight loss a chore - if it is a chore we will never be successful - it takes time but think of it in a positive light - that it brings you enjoyment and makes you happy and it will work better for ALL of us !!

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