Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Well yesterday was definitely a success! The scales dropped 1.4 kilos overnight :)

Looks like tomorrow i will have my first "official" skype meeting that I am doing via the online consulting that I have organised. So that should be interesting what calories, macros etc he puts me at and also any other recommendations he makes. I do know there will be daily weigh ins so he can watch for trends....but apart from that I dont know too much at this stage.

I was thinking today how when weight loss was my "passion" "my hobby" my weight loss was great...so im going to start to do some posts more about what I do to be successful....not only might it benefit others but I think it will be a good reminder for me! So tomorrow I will be doing one on making this my passion!

Went to the gym tonight...20 minutes on the cross trainer then we did a lil bit of weight and core work....all went good....my back has much more mobility in it! Have a good night all :)

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