Monday, June 30, 2014

Well today went much better! Ate 1738 calories and ate 130 grams of protein (the aim is to eat 130 grams of protein or more!) so that went well.

Went to the gym tonight.....did 20 minutes on the cross trainer and then a PT session. I had warned my trainer my back was not doing we did some intervals on the bike and a hill climb (which I sucked at!) then we did some upper weight work. All went well and I burnt 540 calories :). These PT sessions are challenging...I think I frustrate my trainer cos its not uncommon for me halfway thru a set to stop for a lil rest lol...she isnt keen on the rests lol. It would be nice to be that awesome client who gives 120% and never gives up but in all honesty that is not me :)

I bought a fitbit flex today...OMG so annoying trying to clasp it when putting it on my damn annoying! I want to wear it :(

Not much else going on....:)

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