Sunday, June 29, 2014


It never hurts to do a stocktake on health/life.

So since I gained this weight back my health is here:

I have had a flare up of a stomach ulcer
I am getting acid reflux again
Getting cramping in my feet and legs several times a week
I am starting to get migraines again...the frequency is increasing altho they are not as severe as I use to get them
Hurt my back (don't think this is related to my weight but will throw it in anyway lol)

People could look at that I guess and go thats not too bad...nothing high blood pressure or diabetes etc...but i classify the above as BAD....when losing weight my migraines went, no cramps, no ulcer, no acid reflux....and plain and simple I cannot keep doing this to myself - I deserve more and it really still is a life and death situation.

The motivation has to be health....about not ending in a cardiac ward....

I deserve more then this and cannot really keep doing this to myself...

I deserve :
to have a social life
to wear pretty clothes
to look AND feel fit and healthy
the opportunity to have a relationship and have my "happily ever after"
to walk into Lorna Janes and be able to buy anything i want
to not feel self conscious on what i look like
to run with ease
to build me some nice biceps and back muscles

Tomorrow is a new start....I will be starting in the next week or two working with the online person I previously wont happen overnight...i wont suddenly be 79 kilos next week...but i can make progress :)

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