Sunday, June 29, 2014

So I had a skype "meeting" with that person willing to assist with nutrition. He explained normally when he does this he also writes out exercise programs etc but as I have a trainer he could just look at my nutrition side only. I explained thats what I need most of the help. Even in just the short time I spoke to him he gave me some ideas (like wearing my fitbit...not to work out calories...just to monitor steps taken...he was like you know if you wear average say 7200 steps...then stop losing weight we wouldnt necessarily cut back on food but maybe set a daily aim of 8500 steps). I am very tempted to sign  up with would cost me but it would be similar cost to if i signed up for food coaching with fernwood. My main concern really is simply that my trainer wouldnt be happy with me doing that seeing as he is actually a personal trainer...altho as i said i would be seeing him for nutrition. Also its only a month by month situation I am not committing to anything long term so if it doesnt work, but just at this stage worried about that.

My back is improving. Still quite sore but it has improved even in just the last 24 hours, thankfully. I am back using the wheat bag on it again today.

I just ordered some new protein powder...i have heard its a thicker consistency which is what i need to mix it up with my oats for breakfast. AND it came in chocolate peanut butter flavour haha...impressed :)

Not much else going on...have a good sunday all :)

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