Saturday, June 28, 2014

So I got a text message this morning from a friend I work with who had read my "crunchtime" post asking me what my motivation is. As generic as it sounds is my biggest motivation is to not weigh 173 kilos EVER again! Pure and simple it still really is a life and death journey for me still and I think in my complacency I lost that somewhere.

Anyway I talked to my friend today and we set a challenge....the "15 by 10" challenge...which means 15 kilos by 10th september (the date I fly to Sydney). I honestly have HEAPS of reasons to motivate myself from the very cute pink camoflague Lorna Jane pants I own... to the avoiding ending up in a cardiac ward! There are so many reasons, I will never have a relationship with someone with how I am at the moment...I dont even like me right now so how could someone else...but i DID like myself when I was happy with my weight loss progress and thats where I need to get back too....there are other things I want to do like get a tattoo...train for a half marathon....have some hot chick sleeping in my bed hahhaha.....go in a hot air balloon....truly live a happy life....and a happy life doesnt exist around eating food and nothing else!

So the challenge is on....Ive done good today....weetbix for breakfast...sumo salad for lunch and I am having take out pasta for dinner tonight. Back to calorie cycling which means 1800 calories on a saturday night. I havent snacked today and wasnt even tempted actually...i had protein powder at work and didnt even bother with it. I still have about 370 calories left for the day so I may splurge on some frozen berries and ice cream...or i may even just leave my calories at 1426 for the day :)

My back is doing a bit better (altho still sore)  I have used the wheat bag a LOT on it today and its really sure its just that i have muscle tightness which is why the wheatbag is helping. I am walking better and can lower myself to sit without too much drama now...ill keep using the wheatbag tomorrow and monday and hopefully that will enable me to do a normal workout on monday. Don't think my trainer was overly impressed with my efforts yesterday so guess I need to pull my socks up a bit in that department (that said i did still burn over 1000 calories in 90 minutes which is not a bad feat considering i had a sore back!)

Not much else going on....enjoy your saturday night :)

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