Friday, June 27, 2014

Crunch time

Went to the gym today. My back is playing up so not sure how wise that was! lol but i did a hour of PT and then a 30 minute RPM session. As i was leaving the gym Sarah who was the food coach i saw temporarily a month or so ago said "how is your food going" LOL I was like yeh its not. She then asked me if I had been to see Jenna for a food coaching session....i explained no i hurt my back had to fit in physio sessions etc etc. Coincidently at the same time (in the past week) I found out I have the opportunity to work with someone nutrition wise from the US....he is very knowledgable and has helped some people with some 12 week transformations and the progress of these people is pretty amazing. So i had a decision to make. What path do I go down? Cos i need to make a decision and COMMITT!

Tonight i watched a couple of documentaries which I have previously seen, one is called hungry for change and the other fat, sick and nearly dead. Watching them I realise at the moment I really need to "heal" my body. As i have said before I am a food addict and to gain 28 kilos I obviously have fallen back into old patterns. Really this shouldnt be too complicated I KNOW what works...not eating a pile of crap food, remembering a saying of jillians "if it didnt grow in the ground or have a mother dont eat it" I really feel I need to cleanse my body....more so then focusing on "not going off track" i need to focus on moving away from this addiction. I know the foods that help my body - chia seeds, goji berries, nuts, fruit, vegies, feta cheese. I was also big on "carbs are not evil" i think my thinking towards that has changed....there is so much science studies showing most carbs are not great for you - i think the bread needs to go...and i need to stick to grains like quinoa and barley. I would love to do a full cleanse of just plant food but with my lifestyle that wont work (plus i dont want to go to extremes). Tomorrow i am planning on weetbix, with chia seeds, honey and some goji berries for breakfast - lunch i actually have a chicken and avocado salad from sumo salad...not the best choice but not too bad....and tomorrow night gonna bake chicken breast with some barley....might have a berry smoothie after dinner. I really need to focus on eating clean following jillians principles is what i need....i did think about doing whole30 but its too extreme i dont think i need to go to that extreme. I think if i can get to 6 weeks sticking to this then i will be right. I am paying a lot for 3 PT sessions per week and I need to put all the pieces together.

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