Saturday, July 05, 2014

Saturday July 5

Woke up with a headache and sore eye this off to the doctors I went...turns out it was my sinuses....the eye ache has settled down a lot. Not completely gone but much better than this morning.

Weight wise I dropped another kilo overnight :) A lot of this is going to be fluid (mostly) but still a good sign....its making me realise 1800 calories if the macros are balanced out correctly. So since thursday morning at this point I have lost 3.1 kilos. Getting my protein over 135 grams and my fat over 75 grams does take quite a bit of planning which i do the night before but its working (so far). Im also trying to ensure I eat different foods so I dont get bored...but that means having to plan everyday.

Tomorrow I am going out to lunch with some of the ww girls, we are going to paleo cafe and I have already planned for it...a walnut, pear and beetroot salad with kangaroo and a coconut water....afterwards I have allowed for a hot chocolate.

So things are at a good place! I am hoping monday night to be able to do the boxing trainer teaches and said if i have problems with the stuff when you get down on the ground (like pushups, mountain climbers etc) then i can do just some static squats etc...then it will be a PT session :) I will prolly get to the gym beforehand with enough time to do some cardio before hand as well so big exercise day on monday. Will possibly go for a 6km walk in the morning...depending what time i wake and how my back feels :)

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