Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Weigh in :)

So I weighed in this morning. I lost 300 grams on my scales at home and according to Laurens in the gym I lost 500 grams. Like I have said all along I am happy for any loss....but....the losses are certainly slowing down. Ideally I would like to be losing 700-800 grams a week. So I discussed this with Lauren. I first off all asked about my protein level. Fernwood follows a program based on body type. For my body type (pear shape) the protein should be at 40% which is 180 grams of protein. Which is a really high amount of protein. I am still playing around with tomorrows meal planning to ensure I hit it. So I am going to do that till sunday morning. If by sunday morning I am not down at least 400 grams (so 120.2 kilos) then I will on top of that drop 50 calories taking me down to 1750 calories. I am also aiming to increase my water because I have been! lol Apart from when exercising. So I did drink 3 litres yesterday...I will aim to do 3 litres everyday this week and see how that combined with the increased protein how that helps. Fingers crossed that gets things moving!

So today Tania came into the gym with me and we did a 45 minute body pump class. I hadnt done one for a few weeks so was good to get in and do one. Tomorrow we are going down the beach for lunch and a 5km walk. Friday I have PT and saturday we are planning to do the hallett cove boardwalk.

In relation to my the 6.5 weeks I have been on track I am down 6.5 kilos (started at 127.1 kilos and this morning 120.6 kilos) and my complete total loss is 52.5 kilos. Its 3 weeks till the 20th June when I wanted to be down to 117 kilos....may not make it but going to try hard to ensure I am as closed as possible to it :)

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