Monday, May 25, 2015


So today I woke and my calves and hips were tired...bless their cotton socks for what they did to carry this body up the hill yesterday! :) So I smsd tania and said no to walking today....then as the morning went on my calves started to feel I thought no to Body Pump LOL...but I did go to PT I wasnt COMPLETELY slack. Really I know its not being slack...but ensuring I dont injure myself or burn out. So i went to the gym...10 minutes on the bike and then I did my PT session...which we did 4 rounds off....first round was 21 reps...second round 18 reps....third round was 15 reps and fourth round was 12 reps. And there was 5 different exercises....pushups, tricep dips, punching jabs with dumbbells,lat pull down, bicep curls and then 1 minute on the rower. I was sweating like it was nobodys business! The fastest time I did the row in was 210 metres in 1 minute :)

Then got home and tania messaged me to see if I wanted to go to savers (a humungous second hand store) which of course I said yes too...and came home with 9 items of clothing from...go me!

Yanno one of the things that bug me with eating well/ if I eat anything thats high in sodium my weight no only do I watch calories, how much protein and carbs, how processed something is i ALSO watch sodium. There are a lot of foods I just dont have because of sodium...some prime examples are taco seasoning and soup. Anywayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I have been watching fitness channels lately on you tube and NONE of them seem to watch their sodium....and some of them eat ridiculously large amounts of sodium....then said something that kinda clicked with me....and the comment was "i dont pay attention to sodium because i drink enough water"

Now I suck at drinking water (like a lot of us) I am gonna head to the store when i wake tomorrow and buy some large bottles of water and try and drink 3 litres. I wont do it tho on weigh in day cos i weigh in at the gym in the evening and I want to keep that consistent...havent drunk much water previously so I still wont on those days. So need to post drink your water kazz it will help the sodium/water retention...I know this :)

Tomorrow the plan is to get to froot with tania to our favourite lil cafe and then we will do a walk....but as we are doing pump on wednesday and the hallett cove boardwalk on thursday....we are planning just a small 5km walk....a nice FLAT one hahah to rest our muscles but get out and get moving :)

Enjoy your week all!

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