Sunday, May 24, 2015

Climbing just a lil hill

Tania and I today went walking up Wynn Vale Road. Its a hill, but a gradual hill for approx 2.5km...I didnt think it would be too bad lol...I was WRONG! We last to the 1.5km mark and then had to walk back. It was hard work! I mean I felt like I am kinda fit walking up it but it was certainly a workout and a short but good one. It took us from memory to walk up it and back 41 minutes. And I burnt 320 calories. So I am sitting at 1400 calories burnt for the week :)

Sadly tho the scales have gone up gradually over the last few days! I have not been off track with my eating so I know I havent gained "fat" I did have bacon and eggs for breakfast yesterday morning then I made a crustless quiche with bacon in it may be partly sodium. I must admit it is a lil disappointing, my losses havent been big and I am okay with that I know I am doing it a healthy, sustainable way but I wish I did see more results. But I know the answer is I am feeling better mentally and physically...slowly clothes are fitting me it really is a case of suck it up princess and get on with ur chit! LOL

Tomorrow Tania is coming over and then we are doing a easy walk into Nth Adelaide and back again...its flat...its easy...45 minutes and we should be done. Then at lunch time I will go into the gym for my BIG workout....45 minutes pump, 45 minutes body balance and PT session with Stacey :)

Not a heck of a lot else going on!

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