Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday and this weeks workout plan :)

So this morning I went walking with Tania down Semaphore Beach. We walked 8.5km, had a yummy breakfast of bacon, toast and scrambled eggs, before I came home and collapsed! lol I am hoping to break 15,000 steps for the day...the goal was 20,000 but I was kinda slack LOL.

Tania and I did discuss our workouts this week and this is what we decided on:

sunday: Walk up wynn vale drive...its a very steep hill apparantly LOL
Monday: In the morning we are going to walk for about a hour. Then I will be doing 45 mins body pump + 45 minutes body balance + 30 minutes PT session...this will surely test me! LOL
tuesday: Early morning walk (i think) and 30 minute group PT session at lunchtime
wednesday: body pump + PT
thursday: Hallett Cover boardwalk
friday: work out for about a hour at the gym (thinking upper body to give our legs a recovery day)
Saturday: Snake pit
Sunday : Morialta falls

Mostly we are doing walking. so the workout we do friday will be a upper body one to give our legs a recovery day.

I am thinking it may be time to focus more on my macros. I have been sticking to my calories religiously,,,,,macros not so much! When I was smaller and ate 1800 calories...I had a fat and protein macro to meet as a minimum. So I had to at least eat this....70 grams of fat and 130 grams of protein....the remainder is carbs.....but wants suppose to go over 158 grams of carbs...which all feels reasonable and do able...without any crazy stuff! I just looked at my eating for today...Im not too far off it just some minor adjustments.

Tonight I made a crustless good! I saw someone make it on one of the fitness channels on you tube....loved it....its got bacon so a lil high in sodium....but its a pretty high protein for the calories.

As of this morning I was up 400 grams up from wednesday mornings weigh may struggle for a loss this week! :( Fingers crossed...will keep doing what I am doing and hopefully I wont be too disappointed - enjoy your weekend all!

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