Friday, May 22, 2015

Slowly overcoming the food addiction :)

So awhile maybe january, I bought some skinny cow ice cream cookies. I bought them home, opened the box,....a hour later they were ALL gone. I came to the conclusion I just couldn't have them in the house. And it wasn't just was cheese....chocolate...anyway Ive had cheese in the house for a few weeks and it hasnt bothered me. So a few weeks ago i bought some peanut butter is still unopen in the freezer. Anyway last night I thought....lets see how I go with skinny cow ice cream in the house again. Bought a pack of the vanilla ones...opened it....had one....the rest are still in the fridge :) Today I bought another box of them lol caramel ones....and then I also bought a bag of caramello bears....had one caramello bear...the rest are in the fridge ;)

I really feel I am starting to get the food addiction under control. I wouldnt be worried too much about any food in the house being a temptation these days. I remember reading many times in Sean Andersons blog (check daily diary of a winning loser on the list on the right) about how he had a calorie budget and once it is gone its gone.

And thats how I am feeling more and more. It doesnt matter whats in the fridge....cos the scales going down is way more important then any food.

Tomorrow Tania and I are going walking....planning to walk 4km....stop for brunch then walk another all up 8km :)

As I am off from work for a week we are planning a big exercise week! We are planning it tomorrow so I will update you all on it later.

Its been a good, happy, laugh filled day....enjoy your weekend all :)


Sean Anderson said...

You've made an iron-clad decision! Visualizing where you're headed, getting excited for your success and knowing that maintaining the integrity of your calorie budget is key in bringing your vision to reality, is imperative! Dream, my friend!!!
I'm so happy for you!

Karla said...

Those Skinny Cow products for me are NOT skinny .... I also eat an entire package at a time! no control....