Friday, May 29, 2015

A tad too much protein!

Sooooooooooooooooooo! Way too much protein yesterday as it turned out lol. I ate 193 grams yesterday. Before I went to sleep I noticed I had a mild headache....and put that down to eating less carbs (altho it was only about 30 grams less for the day) then about midnight I woke with the sorest stomach cramps. After a while I got up for water and struggled was feeling faint and knew if i didnt get back to bed quick smart I would prolly faint (I have a tendancy to faint)...anyway I was awake at least a hour or so...woke a few hours later to no pain and surprised i had fallen asleep while still in pain (musta been so bloody tired!) woke up this morning feeling flat and still with a headache.

So I cancelled today. No walking and no PT. I still have a slight headache and am tired...but hopefully a good nights rest and I will feel better.

So this morning I emailed Lauren (my food coach) and told her and asked if i should maybe stick to closer to 130 grams of protein and maybe build it up? And should i start calorie cycling again. So she agreed about the protein...suggested we cut 50 now i am eating 1750 calories per day and calorie cycle.

So people who have followed my journal for years prolly remember how well I did when I calorie cycled. So fingers cross this gets the weight moving! So 1550 calories today and then tomorrow (being saturday which is always my high day) will be 2000 cals. Im confident this will get things moving :) Altho I may need to tweek the numbers a bit...because my calories are so high (1750) the high day I have set at 2000....but that may turn out to be a lil high. I will try and watch the sodum that day by doing that...that should keep the day in control.

Hopefully tomorrow I feel good enough to go and do pump and balance.  Afterwards I think I am going to go to katies I think they have a big sale on at the moment so i will go have a nosy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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