Saturday, May 02, 2015

Late weigh in results

So I weighed in on wednesday and lost 1.5 kilos. Since then the scales have fluctuated up by a kilo. But that is far from stopping me :) I have decided to drop my calories to 1600 calories. This may be too low but I will see how I go....if I find it too low I will add a extra 100 this week is a trial week!

The funny thing is I have been tracking my food....filling out my main meals and snacks and realising i have 300 cals left over and needing to find foods to eat....not cos I am hungry or need the food...just cos thats the number i had aimed for and its for this reason I think I will be fine on 1500-1600 calories.

I am finding more and more food is featuring less in my days. Its not what I am incessently thinking about. Normally when I go out for dinner....I plan for a entree, a main and a hot chocolate after. Tonight I am going out for dinner and I will have just the main meal....I dont feel the need for a huge meal. My exercise still isnt perfect but im improving :) Ive done two PT sessions with Stacey this week and am finding her a great trainer. We did boxing both sessions this week, and as we know ive always loved boxing so thats been great. I feel I have the right support systems at the gym in place now which is good. The next step is to start doing some classes! I am still walking with Tania each weekend. She is a great support and I know I am for her too so the walks work out great :) Tomorrow we are doing another walk!

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