Monday, April 27, 2015

I feel incredible :)

The title is a big statement - but soooooooooo true!!

I feel fantastic at the moment. I am eating my 1900 scales are moving nicely and I fitted in some yummy things like a fingerbun, bacon and eggs and toast, 3 serves of bread this week and still the scales are moving :) (they were my treats over a week not all in one day lol)

Ive mentioned how I go walking with my friend Tania on weekends. Tania and I are turning out to be such a good support to each other, we are similar weights altho Tania is nearing 20 kilos lost, our walks tend to be photo opportunities, talks about nutrition, mindset and exercise....some crazy ridiculous silly moments and then you add some exercise in the fresh air too it....what could be better????

I had my first PT session with Stacey tonight and I finally feel like I have all the support in place to be successful. I have my food coaching with Lauren and I love her sessions...Stacey was telling me tonight that Lauren has had a lot of success with past clients. The session with Stacey went really well....we did boxing....she asked me if I do the boxing classes I was like I dont think im fit enough at the moment...she was like you look like you are doing pretty good lol. There is a 45 minute boxing class on friday evening so I might give it a try....Ill just go at my own place. I also have a few PT sessions owing so she is going to look at me doing some double PT sessions. The session went great tho and I really feel like i have the right fit....finally :)

As to me feeling incredible? Its so true....its not just cos the scales are moving....I feel like I am in a good routine...ive not binged for 17 days... my eating has been really good and now I am starting to get into the gym. Tomorrow I am going to the gym....will do 20 minutes on the cross trainer and 20 minutes on the treadmill...nothing crazy....just getting my routine going :)

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