Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday April 26

The whole concept of "spend your time with people who build you up, not drag you down" has been coming up for me lately. Its something I truly believe in. I see it for example on my journal a bit. When I initially created this blog in April 2006 I created it for one else. I expected a few friends would prolly read it but thats it....miraculously I built up quite a following. My journey (especially previously not so much now) became very public...with that comes peoples opinions. As much as I get some fantastic, positive support from this journal - I have also had over the years some judgemental, questioning comments. I realise people may not think I do it the "corrrect way" (in other words THEIR way). I am more then educated on nutrition so will completely do this MY way. Recently something came up with a friend of mine and she felt the need to explain her actions to someone....I saw this and my first thought to her was "you owe no one a explaination" you can do whatever you please. I am now going to apply that thinking to my journal. So if someone leaves a judgemental, questioning comment about MY journey - I wont be replying. I may delete the comment then again I may not. I am not just applying this thinking to my journal but every aspect to my life...and in all honesty its generally how I work anyway I am pretty strong minded. I spent years trying to please my mum, but trying to please ANYONE but myself are days of the past.

In relation to my journey, things are going well :) I started my journey eating 2000 calories. The reason for this was to find the range where I can eat the most food whilst still losing weight. Last week I maintained. As of friday I dropped my calories to 1900 calories...I will give this 7-10 days before deciding if I need to go down to 1800 calories. I am so on track at the moment that I am not overly concerned by the scales...I know they will move with time and this is the smartest, healthiest way for me to do this.

I feel very in the zone and this will only improve with time. Tomorrow I do my first PT session with Stacey, which I am looking forward too. Yesterday I did a 6km walk with Tania and this morning a 2.4km walk (just a baby walk as it then started to rain! :( ) My aim for this week is to stick to 1900 calories, watching my sodium and increasing my aim is 4 sessions between now and next saturday I have 2 PT sessions planned and will need to attend the gym two other days (maybe tuesday and thursday and have friday as a rest day)

Hopefully the scales will start moving soon....regardless I am so happy that I am now on to day 16 of no binging and eating for 80% of the time...really nutrient dense foods :)


Derry said...

Kazz you are right on track and very competent in making the right decisions for yourself. Congratulations on all the hard work you have put into living a healthy lifestyle.

T4M said...


You did this before and you did it your way. No one knows your body and mind better than you. Remember the saying what someone thinks of you is their business not yours

You are truly inspiring