Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday April 21

After sundays post I really started to think about the situation with the trainer. As someone said to me "you know if its the right trainer after the first session", so I ended up emailing one of the owners at the gym and said I didnt think it was the right fit and even that I thought to maybe leave PT for the moment. She replied back saying she didnt want me to give up PT and that the co-owner is actually a trainer and that they would like me to try a session with her. So I have spoken to her, and advised what my goals are what my injuries are. So I have booked in with her for monday and wednesday nights starting next week :)

After I finished work on Sunday me and my friend Tania headed down to Semaphore Beach and did a 10.75km walk. It was very kewl and then followed it up with dinner with Tania :)

My eating is going good...altho I overate on bacon and cheese on saturday night....oops! That lead to a 3 kilo gain over night (obviously sodium)....since then the scales have only dropped back a kilos...so I was still up by about 800 grams this morning from last weeks weigh in, my sodium levels today have been very low (which is normal for me) so i hope there is a significant drop overnight...will be interesting...cos even if I dont lose in weight on the scales...I have a funny feeling the body fat will drop.

Im also about to start taking some supplements that fernwood sells....heres a link on them : Fernwood Goddess Range so will get them hopefully thursday night.

Okies not much else going on...weigh in tomorrow...thats it :)


Tranquility road said...

And as you know DRINK the water

Anonymous said...

Thats happening regardless....thats not the issue...the issue is going fro 750 mg of sodium to 3000mg...its just the way it is for me....but will all balance out...im not concerned