Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunday April 19

Today I am doing fact I am a hour into the overtime...not too busy so far!

Last night I lazed around watching season 1 of melrose place (the original series) I watched the first 4 episodes and then skipped ahead to episode 15 when Jo joined the show...she was/is a hottie so was keen to get up to there lol.

So I am working till 3.30pm today. Then Tania is picking me up and we are going down to Semaphore to go walking and to have some dinner. I bought a vivofit the other day, cannot remember if I mentioned that on here or not (I went away from fitbit because I wanted one I can wear on my wrist and I dont like the clasp on fitbit and plus when I get back into running I wanna buy a Garmin running HRM so this made sense)

So the step goal on the vivofit for today (it varies depending on past usage) is 6419 steps, which I should easily hit...I am sitting at 916 steps at the moment...but am planning to go out walking in my first break.

The more I think about it the more I want my focus to be on cardio. So that is a aim this week to really focus on that and get that up with a mix of walking, stairs and cross trainer.

I think I also mentioned previously that I started with a new trainer as my old trainer left the gym. She is a nice girl, but as of yet I am not quite convinced yet it will work. I will give it a month or so and if I dont feel its the right fit I will let them know. Its hard to tell from one session if it will work or not and whether you will "click" with them. I have been thinking if it doesnt work out maybe I will cancel the PT and just stick to gym classes, cos lets face it the key at the moment for me is cardio. Part of the issue will be what timing she has available as well...this week she could do 7pm on tuesday or 6.30pm on monday....I opted for monday as since I am finishing work at 3.30pm I dont really wanna hang around the gym till 7pm....but monday is a good night for doing classes at the gym (they have body balance and boxing on mondays) so a better option is to do classes on a monday. But Ill see how this all pans out. Its a lot of money to spend ($76 a week) if the times dont work great. Id ultimately prefer to get into the gym do my cardio or a class and then head home at a decent hour, especially in winter. I dont want to look like I am all over the place to the gym tho, cos I will admit part of me is just tempted to cancel PT...but I need to give it a true go.

Not a lot else going on...looks like a nice day outside! Enjoy your sunday all :)

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