Saturday, April 18, 2015

Saturday April 18

Well its the weekend! YAY :) But actually I am working tomorrow lol...they were offering overtime so I took up the opportunity. So working 7.30am-3.30pm and we get a quarterly bonus this week so will be a nice pay packet (which is good as I need a new winter jacket!)

I took a progress photo today. First time I have done that for a long, long time. (Funnily I didnt take pics as I was gaining weight lol) So here it is with my original before as of this morning I am 122.6 kilos which puts me at a total loss of 50.5 kilos since the original start of this journey...and leaves me 42.6 kilos to lose to get to my total goal! But to be loss is currently is 50.5 current focus is simply to get to 55 kilos 4.5 kilos to current goal is simply 118.1 kilos :)

Progress Photo - April 18 2015

I woke up VERY sore this morning....thursday nights PT session is catching up with me! lol...I sore....getting out of bed was a no exercise for me today....tomorrow I am going walking with Tania. Which brings me to what I want to focus on....and that is CARDIO. Ill be doing weights in my PT sessions....and one or two body pump classes a week...ill hopefully do at least one body balance class a week (two on good weeks) but rest of the time I want to focus on cardio. And even tho I wanna focus on cardio I am dreading it lol. At my weight...and with having lost so much fitness cardio is a struggle. Starting monday I will do one lot of the 7 flights of stairs at the gym....I mean initially it doesnt matter how many times i try or stop for a long as I am doing....Ill also then do 20 minutes on the cross trainer (I did manage 20 minutes thursday night so its just to slowly increase the level I am on) and also 20 minutes incline walking in the treadmill ... I will leave that at 7% incline but slowly work on increasing the speed. Hopefully after a few weeks my fitness has improved enough that I can start to look at doing boxing (the gym has classes for this monday and friday evenings and its something I have always enjoyed) So my aim for this week is:

sunday : walking with tania
monday : my cardio workout plus a PT session
tuesday : RPM
wednesday : my cardio workout plus a food coaching session
thursday : PT session plus 20 minutes cross trainer
friday : 
saturday : gym closed
sunday : my cardio workout

Tonight I am making my low fat version of pasta looking forward to it!! yum yum!

Enjoy your saturday night

BTW a vlog on foods I like eating coming up on my you tube this evening Kazzs You Tube Channel

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