Friday, April 17, 2015

Time for a update, eh?

Well definitely time for a update :)

I got back on track last saturday and ive been doing awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee! Its funny how its just kinda all clicked all of a sudden.

Last saturday morning i was 127.1 kilos and 51.7% fat. On wednesday morning I was 123.7 kilos and this morning was actually 122.9 kilos wooo hoooo!! Ive been eating 2000 calories a day...but i am eating very clean....and i think thats whats allowing me to eat so much but still lose...ill give some examples of what i am eating (and may do a vlog on this at some stage)

So breakfast has been the same day in and day out but I love it....I soak some oats in hot water...then add peanut butter, banana and yummy....I swear its the highlight of my day.

Lunch has been mostly roast chicken breast and quinoa and brown rice mix....and i add either sultanas or pineapple to it (I have eaten NO bread since i got back on track)
Some days if I am at home for lunch i make a "breakfast pizza" i throw a soft wrap in the oven to crisp it...then i cook bacon, spring onion, mushrooms....then mix 100 grams of egg whites and 2 whole eggs add that to the bacon mix and cook it....then i did the cripy wrap....throw the eggs/bacon mix on top then add 25 grams of low fat yummy!

Dinner...i either make a smoothie (greek yoghurt, almond milk, frozen banana, PB2chocolate, chocolate protein powder) or more chicken and rice (lol)....or make a home made kebab...take a wrap which i hear in a pan...then add home made tzatiki, roasted chicken breast (which i put a lemon thyme seasoning on it) and salad....super yummy and clean....low in sodium

My snacks are things like quest bars, greek yoghurt with flavoured protein powder added to it, occassional freddo frog, 1 date and 3 walnut pieces, smoothie, protein icecream (whey whip)

The only thing i eat on occassion that is high sodium is the bacon....

I buy egg whites in a container (coles sell them in the fridge near the processed meats)...ive been using the plain one but today picked up one that has spinach and feta added to it....i might try a omlette of that on a wrap tomorrow.

I am also back at the gym...doing food coaching and did my first PT session with my new trainer last night (the previous trainer has left the gym)...i didnt go tonight altho tomorrow i aim is to go the 2 days i do PT, 1 day i do food coaching and saturday mornings.....thats 4 days a week which for the moment i think is fine. This sunday tho i am working and after work i am going walking with tania.

I did do a vlog the other day too...ive linked it here....lemme know what you think....if you want to see you dont wanna see more..what topics or type of vlogs you would like to see...

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