Sunday, May 10, 2015

Late Weigh in result :)

I really am due to post!

Things are going good. I havent even told you all last weeks weigh in results :) It was good!

As most who read this know I have PCOS and last week I had my cycle...I can normally gain up to 3 kilos the week of my cycle. Weigh in day was on day 2 of my cycle and I actually LOST. Which was huge to me cos its rare...I was kinda dreading getting on the scales wednesday morning LOL. But I did manage a 300 gram loss which put me at 121.9 kilos.

I was still sitting at eating 1900 calories. My food coach is very happy with how things are going, as am I, but I do feel my cals are still too high, but the concern is just dropping them quickly may lead to me relapsing. So we are being very sensible about it all :) She said to give it a couple of days and see what happens if no real movement then drop to 1800 calories. So I dropped down yesterday so we will see what happens. If there is no real movement on the scales that is not the end of the world but will prolly stay at this calorie level for a couple of weeks before lowering any further.

My PT sessions are going good. They have some weight training too them....mostly body weight stuff but some stuff with dumbbells/medicine balls etc but mostly cardio base...but I think thats what I need at this stage so that is good. This week one session was Tabata and one session was a circuit and none of the cardio has involved the treadmill so more then happy with that LOL. We did a lil stair climbing too! And we all know I like my stairs....I might actually start going back to the footy club and climbling the stadium stairs on the weekends like i use too.

Head space wise I feel in a very good place....and even though at this stage I havent lost weight at a super fast pace I am cool with that. I have done this before...I know getting the healthy habits in place is the first step...the losses will come with time....and it is not so much about how much I weigh today....its about how much I weigh and my body shape/ability to do stuff in 18 months that will be important. That said tho...since I got back on track....and its now been 4 weeks I have not had one gain...I had one week I stayed the same...and the rest of the week I have had losses...which just indicates I am being consistent.

I pulled out some of my favourite tops (mostly Lorna Jane and Running Bare) and have put them aside....they are in various I have 10 "goal tops" to shrink into ;)

The first one is a tank fits at the moment but its too tight....hopefully before long I will be able to wear it when working out (sooooooo long since I have worn a tank top!)

I also noticed I dont have many LJ clothes in size large or extra I think I will have to remedy that! haha....will have to go look at their website and pick out a few things to shrink into!

Tomorrow will be a challenging day...we have a work function at the festival centre with food and drink included. I am there from 9.30am till right over lunch time...I will no doubt eat something there...but not being able to plan for it is not so fun! But I will just having breakfast before hand....and try to make some good choices!

Not much else going now its time to visit Lorna Janes site ;)

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