Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Calorie Cycling

So I talked about lowering calories and calorie cycling on my last post. I decided to wait till wednesday before doing anything. My scales have since stayed the same...and got to look at the good side of things...eating 1900 calories and I am not gaining and that is a lot of food. But yesterday decided it is time for the calorie cycling to recommence. Ive talked about calorie cycling for years, it walked brilliantly when I lost weight before, over the last few years I have tried many times but had been so off track calorie cycling had no chance LOL. But now I have been on track for 3.5 weeks...I think its time. So my calories over the week will look like this:

monday: 1700
tuesday: 1500
wednesday: 1400
thursday: 1700
friday: 1300
saturday: 1900
sunday: 1400

Its significantly lower cals then i am currently eating...it averages out to 1557 cals a day. But when I went back and looked at cals I was eating last time at this weight...I was doing 1600 cals and exercising a LOT .... i am only doing 3 exercise sessions a week at the moment (2 PT sessions and 1 walk on the weekends)

The exercise deal does need tackling but I am so slack with it...Im not quite in the exercise groove. My gym does offer function fit training which is basically group PT sessions...for $20 a week (I think thats the price) I have considered doing the for accountability...but would worry it would be beyond me just yet.

I am not overly concerned because last time I lost weight I eventually caught the exercise bug...wish I could catch it again!!!

Not much else going on - have a good day all :)

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