Sunday, May 17, 2015

Weigh in and a recap of the week :)

A week with no posts.....what a slackass! ;)

Things are going great. I am trying now to remember what has happened this week. I didnt do PT monday night and Stacey couldnt do it wednesday night so ended up doing a double PT session on tuesday night. It was a challenging session! It was a 50 session, so basically she had a whole list of exercises that I had to do 50 reps well as that i had to do 500 metres on cross trainer, bike, rower and treadmill. And then at the end of it I had to climb up all 7 flights of stairs :)

After initially buying a heart rate monitor that had a internal wiring issue...I got a new one wednesday night. Its a Suunto 5....i love it :) Does exactly what i want and need...counts calories and thats it  lol.

Wednesday was a exciting day cos I also got my new iphone! Upgraded to a iphone 6....super happy with it :)

Wednesday was also weigh in day. By my scales at home I had dropped 600 grams (I take this as my official weigh in result) and on Laurens scales I had dropped 400 grams and 1% body fat. Then we discussed how its time now to increase my exercise. Lauren said....I will add it into mine and Staceys diary and if you are not here by 5.15pm each night we will call you they prolly wont as they are very busy....but just having that threat there has helped....thursday night I went and did body pump and a 5km cycle and then friday i went in and did a 10km cycle and 10 minutes on the cross trainer. (Unfortunately i did twinge something in my lower back on thursday night in I am being a bit careful with that...I can still do most things....just need to be careful with squats and no crunches for a bit) The other thing...and for this I am a super lucky gal :) Lauren as a gift to me has added functional fit to my contract at no cost. Functional fit is group PT. So she told me we really want you to succeed and you are one of our top level clients so its a gift from us :) So next week when off work i will go and do a lunch time session of that. I really am at a very supportive gym and think I have completely lucked out with my trainer and food coach :)

Thursday and friday nothing much happened...gymmed it both good accomplishing days. And this weekend I have given my back a rest. Tomorrow back to the gym for PT i have already messaged Stacey to let her know about my back.

The scales again this week are moving in the right direction, but I am cautious how this week will go as I have thrown myself into the gym it can sometimes take a bit for the body to settle into that.

Also the other good news is I have been on track for 5 weeks yesterday! Woo hoo I truly feel back now. This is the best and longest I have done on track for a few years....happy happy gal :)

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Sean Anderson said...

Yes, YES!! Congrats on some wonderful consistency. You're absolutely moving forward with confident intention. I'm overjoyed for you.