Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Update :)

So time for a update - lots of good stuff happening!

My cough is clearing up (yay!) After nearly 5 weeks of this dreaded cough i got in to see my usual doctor last thursday...he advised was a ost viral asthmatic cough and put me on codeine linctus for 5 days as well as a inhaler (which i still take 4 times a day).....its definitely on the improve. But not 100% yet....but massively improved from a week ago :)

Some of you (who are on my facebook group) will already know a lot of this. I joined healthy inspirations which is a weightloss centre for females. One of the biggest advantages to them is their high level of accountability. You are expected to weigh in 3 times a week (altho they told me some only weigh in 2 times a week) weighing in every few days seems to be giving me the accountability I need, there is no...i'll just have this and get back on track tomorrow...cos tomorrow is prolly a weigh in day! LOL I started saturday morning and did my first weigh in monday night and was down 1.7 kilos....tonight i will go and weigh in as well. I took a peak on the scales at home and I seem to be down 400 grams from monday so we will see how it goes.

Healthy Inspirations has a curve  style circuit and a few classes. In all honesty i think the circuit will bore me and their classes dont appear too intense (i watched a boxing class and they didnt seem to punch too hard) HI is $30 a week....(plus gives me a 5% discount at my local grocery store). When i was at fernwood i spent $300 a fortnight doing 3 PT sessions per week so i am getting that for a tenth of the cost. I most likely will join the local jetts gym. While HI will work the first few weeks...(i havent exercised for 6-7 weeks cos of my cough) im pretty sure i will get my fitness back pretty quickly and will need more exercise wise then HI will offer me. It would work out with both jetts and HI it would cost me $90 a fortnight which is wayyyyyyyyy cheaper then what I use to pay.

I still have my fitness primarily i want to do some runs in 2015 and I know weight work is crucial...I also want to do a mix of classes which jetts seems to accomodate for,

I have a busy weekend this weekend! Saturday night out for dinner with Martine - we are going to Jamie Olivers restuarant so ooo la la - fancy!! Sunday think i am going out for brunch and then a movie with Tania. Then my sister will be down sunday to wed so we will hopefully catch up for dinner one night. :)

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