Sunday, November 16, 2014


I am getting better! Thank goodness at last. Still going slow....still coughing...but definitely coughing less and I have more energy....give it another week or so and I think ill be right to add dairy back in the diet and start exercising again.

Im still debating what to do. Do i go back to PT (which is $55 a session) i find a cheaper i get a online trainer (i have a friend who does this...and have spoken to him....if i go down this path he could take me on in december or january) unsure what to do at this stage...i need accountability...but i dont wanna spend ridiculous amounts on a trainer....partly i think this is about my health and investing this kind of money is worth it....another part of me thinks if one of my goal is to travel....then paying for PT wont enable me to do im in a pickle about that at the moment!

Foodwise im going back to eating 1800 cals gonna try and hit my protein goal (135 grams) but with not eating dairy (and so not eating cereal i add protein powder too, not eating protein shakes etc its hard) so i want to at least be under 1800 cals .... a bonus would be to hit my protein macro as well.

Anyway the aim of this week is simply to recover more...maybe next weekend i will be up to going out for a walk...even a 20 minute walk would be awesome.

Back to work tomorrow...hopefully the coughing stays under control while in the office too....have a good day all :)

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