Friday, December 12, 2014

Today is not going to be a great day foodwise...its xmas lunch today and its all finger food (sausage rolls, pies, pasties, cake, lollies, chips, dips, wraps etc etc)

Ive allocated 500 calories for it and just going to have a omlette for dinner and no snacks hopefully it doesnt do too much damage (i will be glad for january when these things wont come up!) we are also doing kris kringle today.

Went back to the doctors last night. He is a lil puzzled over my cough. I initially had tonsilitis and he said that shouldnt cause a cough like mine. And the inhaler he had me on should have been effective after 3 days. So he has put me back on codeine linctus for another 5 days and also gastric reflux tablets in case i have silent reflux. Tonight i am going to get a chest xray as well. He said he cannot hear anything in my chest so the xray is just a precaution. He also said their is a cough going around that lasts about 6 weeks so it may be that i have (ive had it 6 weeks on sunday) I had read tho that my inhaler can take about 2 weeks to be effective.....hopefully when i finish the codeine this time i dont get worse again...fingers cross...i go back next thursday for ANOTHER follow up appointment (am over visiting doctors and paying for medications!)

I emailed Healthy Inspirations yesterday - told them I really liked the accountability i can get from them but not so much there eating i want to do my own thing but weigh in - they were all good for that sent me a lovely response back saying it was fine to weigh in have my measurements done etc so thats all good.

Had a look at the menu for jamie olivers tomorrow night...theres a proscuitto, walnut and pear salad...think that may be a winner with some entre (maybe mini stuffed capsicums?)

Enjoy all! :)

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