Saturday, December 13, 2014

Well I am very impressed with me. I am putting some changes in place so 2015 can be the year of awesomeness!

So ive set up some accountability with weighing in at HI....AND I have spoken to Fiona about training with her again (once a week at this stage) and lucky me she said yes :)  so we will prolly start with bootcamp style workouts and then when it cools down a lil back to some running :) Fiona is so good for my mindset I am soooo super excited for this!

I've also started to post photos of my food on if u wanna follow me lok up @kazzsjourney

Tonight I'm out for dinner at Jamie Oliver's restaurant .... I'm planning to have bruschetta followed by a prosciutto, walnut and pear salad ⭐️It's nice feeling in control!!!

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