Monday, December 15, 2014


Ive commented on this briefly in the past but it clicked more within me on the weekend.

Support - we just cannot do this journey by ourselves.

When I was successful before I got support from a number of areas:

Fiona - who I am going to train with again. I was very lucky to get fiona as a trainer. We have some parts of our personality that is quite similar, I always found her very easy to talk to and her opinion, feedback always helpful. Having those 30 or 60 minute sessions which were solely just about me were so helpful...for me PT was much more then just some exercises (in fact they were prolly secondary) it was more about the talking....and the talking of everything from nutrition to relationships with people.

Weight watchers forum - they were SO good .... back in the day, no longer doing ww i dont go there much plus unfortunately now they are all into groups not the forums the community is very divided and dare i say it even hidden.

My journal - Tania pointed out something yesterday - she said you didnt just write about your weight loss you really use to talk about what was going on within you. She said i used it kinda like a therapy LOL. My journal was imperative.

My weight watcher friends - I lost contact with a lot of them. But back in the day there was a lot of us on a similar journey. I know tania and martine are very focused on their health in 2015. They use to have a private group (well still do im just not part of it)...I allowed myself to "hermit" and even Tania i lost contact with and have only recently got back into contact with...I need to focus on my friendships especially those with people who are like minded.

Tania and I were talking yesterday about how technology has changed. Blogs are not as big a thing as they once were, its all about facebook and twitter etc now. And dont get me wrong they are both good for different reasons...but its hard in a facebook post to put down thoughts and feelings. Its hard to use that as a way to connect with others. So I am going to keep the blog alive LOL...if you know of any good blogs or read any - please let me know!

I think support is imperative with this journey. The successful people, the people who maintain for years later...are the ones who cultivate the support network and embrace it. Lets do this!

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Tranquility road said...

so glad you are going to keep going with your can do this