Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Plan for the rest of the year and early 2015

Over the last couple of years something puzzled me - why have i suddenly had carb cravings? When i was successful at losing weight i of course had moments where i went off track (i remember once making sausage rolls and that set me off track lol) but for the majority of the time in 2010 and 2011 i was on track .... no binging etc.

Over the last few weeks ive come to some conclusions. When i lost weight i was quite routine about my food...weetbix for breakfast...sandwich (no processed cheese) made with burgen bread for lunch and then no grains at dinner time....that worked for me. Over the last few years....the weetbox changed quite regularly to fruit toast (i still had weetbix or oats at times) and the burgen bread changed to coles or woolies brand multigrain bread - whatever was on special. I realise now...those couple of changes prolly had a big impact on me losing my way.

I mentioned it recently....in the mornings i am fine...no cravings etc.....but once lunch comes and ive had a sandwich i want to eat all carbs in sight! (no exageration). Over the years i discoverred following someone elses eating program doesnt work for me, i like to be in control of my weight loss and do what i feel works for me (which is why slim, 12wbt, lite n easy etc have never worked for me). So i am putting some changes in place...the initial changes i will do until the end of january...the only exceptions being christmas day and i will have a piece of cake on my birthday...so here we go:

Until end of january:
no bread, pasta, rice, oats, potato
eggs for breakfast (bacon as well as a treat on weekends)
Two pieces of fruit a day

First two weeks in february:
start having weetbix - will guage my cravings

Last 2 weeks in february:
If cravings under control still add a sandwich at lunch with burgen bread

No buying ANYTHING at work cafeteria apart from diet coke (yes im back in it lol), lozenges, fruit, salad, hot skim chocolate

In a sense I guess what I am doing at least initially is based loosely on primal except I will be eating legumes as well.

Its 8am....so far today ive had two scrambled eggs, with milk and spinach - good start to the day. Think I may be going out for dinner tonight...which will really test this plan!

Think we are on to a winner here people! Enjoy

PS becoming addicted to twitter haha...feel free to follow me @kazzsjourney :)


Tranquility road said...

Have you checked your blood sugar ... I know when mine is out of whack I crave carbs

Anonymous said...

Mine is ridiculously good! I have had it tested for insulin resistance as well as glucose levels etc...and was told i couldnt get further away from having these issues if i tried :) Plus not eating the bread etc i no longer get the cravings...my suspicion is its all part and parcel of PCOS

Sean Anderson said...

You've educated yourself on what works for you and what doesn't and devised a brilliant plan! I applaud you! Isn't this what it's all about? Trial and error--finding what works best for us. Your planning skills are exceptional!