Wednesday, December 24, 2014

December 24th 2014

Last night was not a great night...was coughing a lot (but my own fault I sprayed a bug and think that wasn't a good idea).... I am starting to feel better now tho. The other thing was I managed 8 hours straight sleep last night which was great.

Scale wise they were exactly the same today. I am noticing tho my fingers aren't as fat today (they were quite fat when in hospital to the point I couldn't take my rings off....they are coming off easily again)

I have got my food for tomorrow but not planning to go nuts (in fact I have tracked it all already and will keep to my 1600 calorie limit) the main treat apart from Turkey and ham off the bone for lunch and dinner....I bought a Christmas cake with icing....a 100 gram slice (which would be pretty huge) is like 331 calories...but I've managed to fit in a slice and still be under 1600 calories :)

I really want (when better) focus some more on me. I want to get out and buy some nice clothes to fit me now. I'm sick of wearing clothes that are too tight cos I'm too stubborn to buy a larger size. I need clothes that fit me nice now while I lose and get down to those smaller sizes.

I am tossing up between wanting to buy a hair straightener and also a curler...I want to take better care of my hair and start putting some effort into it.

I need some new makeup. Some new mascara, eye colouring, brushes and foundation. I recently (okay the day I saw jillian lol)bought a nice new lipstick.

I want to be simply more "living" spending more time with my true friends...I want my Saturday mornings to be spent out running .... Evenings a hour or so at the gym....socialising on the weekends (not so many Saturday nights at home alone)....getting my health totally back on track...sorting Otis this breathing/asthma issue and also making my liver healthier. I also want to get back to that point where I am wearing pretty classic girly clothes again....and feeling feminine in them inside and out. This has been a crappy end to 2014 but think it will be a much better story by the end of 2015 :) need to start thinking about some actual fitness goals for 2015 :)


Sean Anderson said...

Kazz, my friend--what a beautiful post to read this morning. Your plan sounds wonderful.
I really enjoyed reading about how you're going to go buy some clothes and things for you. You deserve that!!
I know it's tough to buy the bigger clothes--I was there not too long ago...But I had to do it, my increasing size wasn't giving me a choice. It was a tough dose of reality. But I needed it. And I needed to be comfortable in my clothes.
2015 can be a year it all changes, Kazz. When you daydream about the possibilities, I hope you'll get super excited--because, it's all there for you--and you can do it...and things can change dramatically for the better!!! I'm so very happy for you. Where you are reminds me of where I was not too long ago, so I get it--totally get it... Thank you for sharing this. I appreciate you.

Tranquility road said...

Great goal Kazz. You can do it you have done it before you can do it again.
Great to hear you want to invest in yourself, that is a great first step
I look forward to this journey and lots of pic