Thursday, January 01, 2015

January 1 2015

I am overdue for a post, but it's a bit of a pain updating when I don't have my laptop.

So how am I going? I'm slowly improving. I'm still coughing but the medications are controlling that. I still cannot drink soft drink without coughing madly (that's handy tho lol) I am a couple of kilos down but I know I am retaining fluid (prolly a mix of the meds and that my cycle is due shortly). I've been sticking to 1600 calories and focusing on nutritional foods. I truly believe the eating healthy is necessary to get 100% better. I have noticed since eating better my hair looks healthier and my nails are growing more so that's a good sign my insides are getting healthier. I had a lot of back pain from all the coughing, it was my entire back and the side of my ribs on the left hand side....I still have some pain on the left hand side but it's improving.

My goals for 2015 are pretty simple and basic. To get under 100 kilos. To get 100% healthy. To run the city to bay.

Here is to a good healthy year!!!!!!


Tranquility road said...

Happy new year Kazz
Glad your on the mend

Tania Driver said...

I'm sure it ill be a fabulous year for all of us Kazz - looking forward to seeing you achieve those goals.

Joanne Perrett said...

Happy New year Kazz i hope your year is a bless one and i am so happy your on the mend, i am going on the high protein diet Heart specialist has put me on it a big challenge xx