Saturday, January 03, 2015

January 3 2015

Well I have had a really good day today :)

Started off with a weigh in (this wasn't the great part of the day!) I am back to 121.2 kilos..not for eating badly.....I'm quite sure it is fluid retention due to the mix of all the medications I am on.

Tania and I went out for a belated birthday breakfast today :) I was super good....2 slices of fruit toast and a orange juice, followed by a skim hot chocolate. Tania and I then decided to go do some shopping, I bought some new undies from target (I was very excited about this lol) then at Katie's (in the Katie's section no less!) I bought 2 t peach coloured and one mint coloured....only $9.95 each and they were a size large (happy with that considering they go up to 2XL in the normal section) then I also bought a navy and white straight slightly fitted top with zippers on the shoulders....very cute....that will be a top for the moment I'll save for going out. When I go out for dinner next I'll take a pic in it :)

Tania and I did discuss some exciting plans.....but more on those another time ;)

We talked a lot today about how important support is (with people in your real life and online)....we also discussed how goals are really important....things to aim for....I have a few get back into my size 16 undies.....I have a fitted size 18 target top to fit into....

The other good news is this week I am going to start training with Fiona again (will be mostly just walking with some body weight stuff thrown in....push-ups against a bench, planks, she will prolly throw in some tricep dips too) these are all things my lungs should cope with....but she will monitor how I cope....and this will only be once a week.....I want to start doing some half hour walks this week to help build area is hilly but I think I can cope with that...specially in the evening. I've also started just doing some push-ups against a wall....because of my health I will seriously be like a beginner restarting. But as Tania said today....when you hit rock bottom you can only go up :)

Here's to a good week :)


Tranquility road said...

Great goals. You will find because you were so fit before you got sick it won't take long at all to get back to that point

Sean Anderson said...

I absolutely LOVE this post. I agree with TR in the above comment-- You'll be surprised at how quickly you advance.
Your approach is spot on, in my opinion. And your enthusiasm is a beautiful thing, Karyn. This is your time, my friend. This is THE time, like no other. I'm so overjoyed for you and I look forward to following along!

Tania Driver said...

Your support has me so inspired and focussed - I know that we can do this together!