Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Where have I been?

So for those who don't know I have just spent a couple of nights in hospital I
have had a bad virus and that exasperated asthma and I came out of hospital yesterday afternoon feeling much better now but it has certainly been a huge wake-up call and I will be going on focusing now on simply eating healthy I'm not so concerned with weight loss am really just focusing on getting lots of nutrients in my body to help me recover.

It was very sobering to have doctors tell me how sick I was and couldn't help think that I prolly wouldn't have got so sick if still 80 kilos... And also how bad it would be if I got to 173 kilos again....I just cannot allow it. My focus is solely on recovery at the moment but by eating healthy, nutritious food it should ultimately help with weight loss. My liver results were elevated and there was a discussion with my doc about losing more weight.

For now I'm off work till January 5. (My employer has been sooooo supportive I'm so blessed) so for now it's rest while still getting up and doing bits and pieces as it's important to start strengthening my lungs. In early February I will be going to see a specialist to have lung function testing (they think I may be mildly asthmatic) and I also need to get a scan of my liver as those blood test results were elevated (I have fatty liver) but my doc mentioned I prolly need to be tested for hepatitis a etc

But the main thing is I'm improving, and focusing on getting well? I'm on steroids as well as a preventer and inhaler. I've also had antibiotics and antiviral medication intravenously and surprisingly my weight has not gone up...it's 121.6 as of this morning. The steroids can make you gain....so prolly next Wednesday or so once I've finished the steroids I will get a real view of where my weight is at :) 

Remember nothing matters more then your health :)

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