Friday, April 06, 2007

OMG i had big news and i completely forgot and this big news happened like 2 days ago ! lol and i just realised apart from my gertilicious friend jody i had not told my fabulous site visitors or my family this news (altho i doubt mum would be too keen to hear about this LOL)

The volunteer organisation i applied too for volunteering with for the feast this year (the gay n lesbian festival for the month of november thats held in Adelaide each year) --- well the first meet and greet for all the volunteers is next weekend. Its a sausgae sizzle in Rymill Park...its basically just to meet everyone. Hopefully i dont get nervous and back out (i have a tendancy to do that with things like this lol) with these kind of situations i always tend to get into the whole tendancy of thinking EVERYONE else is going to judge my size. But thats not really fair for me to decide that others are judging me. When i get down to it im popular at work and theres no reason for me not to meet and make friends thru feast. Tania if i back out smack me over the back of the head or something since we will be meeting for dinner a few nites I also "somehow" got put in charge of organising a get together with my old team...a number of people have left the company and the rest of us are spread out. So one of the gurls has offered we have it at her house as a type of house warming party...and now i have to figure out a date when most of us have a weekend off (if u knew our rosters you would know what a ardious task that will be) and then notifying everyone...and at least one person doesnt have access to emails. So gonna be very interesting. But that should be in mid to late May sometime...and i tell u right now...that nite im gonna be drinking champagne !!!! My old team leader Megan who resigned back in january and last time i saw her was in mide january...was always really supportive of my weight loss so it will be really good to see if she notices much of a difference...okies thats still on a high over this weeks loss !!!

PS i have come to realise a lot of our friends over the pond (ie americans) read this that you know my current loss is a total of 53 pounds - yay me !!!!

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