Sunday, April 08, 2007

Well just got home from work. Has been quite good today and last nite...not too busy .... which has been a nice break (kinda nice when u getting penaltiies)

Tonight at work...i was on the phone...sensed a commotion and i turned around and there was one of the guys being wheeled out by ambulance drivers on a stretcher. A 29 year old whose been to the hospital several times with chest pain and shortness of breath. Its amazing that i lasted till 38 years old with no major illness. Now at 39...and another 9 months till i turn 40...and i so never want to be wheeled out of work on a stretcher. Im so glad that i started getting healthy i mean im still over weight so still pressure on my heart....but i dont eat crap food no more so thats a relief.

I was reading the oprah magazine the other day and she did a story on journalling and how important it is for weight it can play such a important part of getting in the right head space. And we all know how mentality helps.

Well its getting late....and im working i wanna just go and curl up n get some zzzzzzzzzzzzz's....

ni ni all !

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