Sunday, April 08, 2007

Well back at work again today...i really dont like working till as late as 11.30pm as i am tonight but its nice having time before i go to work. I woke and ate hotcross buns then bad me while wwatching one of my crime shows i ate the egg i bought myseflf. Then i felt incredibly bloated and gross so i only had a fruit scroll for lunch. And have bought my cheesy tuna pasta for dinner whcih is low points for a huge bowl and i have a banana and mandarin to have after, so i will be well under on points. I love those crime shows the one i watched today was about a gay guy in sydney who got murdered in the 80's...who left his will to his past lover...but someone else forged a will...started spending money and then killed the guy who the will got left too...was quite a tangled mess lol.

I then went online chatted to a couple of friends i havent seen for a couple of months and then played in a gammon tourney.

Tomorrow i am off and planning a day of baking, going to make some more fruit scrolls and also some savoury ones, and a potato and meat pie and a big batch of fried lots of healthy stuff for during the week.

OMG AND im wearing the shirt today that Ang left here. So about 3.5 years ago wooo hoooo slowly getting there !!!

okies off to do some more work i go - enjoy all =]

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