Monday, April 09, 2007

Well i made the savoury scrolls today soooooooooooooooooooooooo yummii anyone who has annette syms 3rd book who likes savoury stuff needs to make em yum yum yum im making a potato and meat pie for dinner tonite. I took a photo of the scrolls lol ill add em at the bottom of the post. Don't they look yummii????

Tania emailed me and she is gonna smack me over the back off my head if i dont go to the feast bbq on sunday. Been busy today washing and cleaning...damn no rest for the wicked ! About to go do my walk away the pounds dvd and OMG remember i been saying about the planteritis (the heel pain) well last wednesday i bought some inner soles for my shoes they push ur foot in the right position. Anyway when i limp a fair amount of the day and when i first wake i simply cant put wait on my heel...well i woke in the middle of the nite and walked to the bathroom and then stopped - i was walking on my foot flat !!! all my weight was on it....and ive felt a lil pain all day but its hugely better ! im so hoping this is a good sign....

Okies im off to do my dvd ! enjoy all

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Tania said...

They do look yum! Maybe I should make that my goal for next weekend - i'm reminding myself again of my promise to cook one new thing out of her cookbooks every weekend but I rarely get around to do it. Would you believe I have all 5 of her books and have about 12-15 favourite recipes and that's all I end up making - sad really.