Monday, April 16, 2007

Isnt it funny when u come to conclusions and get thinking when you dont even realise your doing it? I was watching biggest loser and aparet from the fact i was in awe of their losses...i was watching their training and thinking about how variable it is...doing lots of different things. I got to thinking why arent i getting big losses at the moment? And why am i leaving my curves membership hanging? There is a big part of me that thinks i need the variety that classes would offer but i also think that at the moment I couldnt cope with them. But i want to decide one way or the other what to do about my curves membership. So the decision is...back to curves tomorrow. I will make sure they weigh and measure me and i want to give it 6 solid weeks so to take me thru to the end of May. I WILL go 3 days a week EVERY week...then at the end i will look at my results...i want to have lost 6 kilos in this i want to be at 140.9 kilos by May 28...if i can sit here and say i did go 3 times every week and did stick to my food plan as is...then its gonna be time to increase the exercise and possibly look at fernwood with a personal trainer. Okies thats my decision of the day theres my challenge to time to put it into ni all =]

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