Sunday, April 15, 2007

Well...its a good good day. Yesterday i made more scrolls (snap tania !) altho i cooked them a lil too much but gave most to mum. Last nite we went out to the pub for dinner then went and played the pokies (slots for all u yanks) and initially i put in $10 and lost it...then my stepdad won like $140 so he gave me like $8 in change and wackado - i got it up to $29.00 altho i only took out $20 but still i was in front so all was good.

Now time for my confession...i didnt go to the bbq...i can just see tania rolling her eyes...and yes im a big ole chicken....and this afternoon im mad at myself i didnt go. i did wake up a lil late but if i wanted to i coulda got going and made it on time. Im gonna email the organiser in a bit and apologise but tell him i still wanna participate. i really do need to step out of my comfort zones. All these kind of opportunities open up to me and i always wriggle out of them...friday nite all the grrls from pink sofa are going to the wheatsheaf hotel to meet up and even tho i know most dont know each other i know i wont have the guts to go. Even tho this is what i want to meet others...specially from the lesbian lifestyle...i was talking to my friend jody just this week saying how this is what i want yet i get opportunities and i dont take them up,,,,blah

Ok on to some good news...i walked ! i walked for 25 minutes....and my heel is i wont walk tomorrow but tuesday ill try another walk =]

Tomorrow after work im gonna stop at coles...and pick up some groceries..cos i found my book 5 of annette syms and gonna do some more baking. Think i will try a cake this of the books has a chocolate cake. I need to point it and see if i can figure it into my daily points...okies off i go.

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