Friday, April 13, 2007

Well i weighed in and the news wasnt TOO bad....i gained 500 grams and considering i got TOM today i am not too concerned. I know ive been good. hopefully a few days will pass and ill get rid of whatever fluid.

omg kevin crease died ! i so did not realise this (sorry all non adelaidians who have no idea who im talking about) very sad...

Well 3.5 hours and im on a weekend. cant wait for these two days off. Tomorrow morning i have some graphics i MUST get done. then in the afternoon gonna make a couple of batches of savoury scrolls (mum wants a batch) and a big batch of fried rice, so some nice easy meals next week. Sat nite going out to dinner and then sunday have the feast a nice weekend...busy without being flatout. And then next week i finish work at 3.30pm every day...always nice to have some early finishes. My heel is still improving...i am walking flat on it all the time which is a huge improvement for me.

Okies not too much else to say...enjoy ur weekend all !


Tania said...

I did it!!! I finally made the savoury scrolls you keep talking about and OMG - they are delish! Had a small one for afternoon tea and had to quickly put them away in the fridge before I ate any more ... lol ... can't wait for lunch on Monday!

Enjoy the BBQ tomorrow - I WILL be asking you all about it on Wednesday night so there's no backing out now :-)

Whoever I want to be said...

MMMM might make some of those scrolls this week sometime - while the kids are on holiday. Also must make the lasagne again been a long time since I made that.