Thursday, April 12, 2007

I was coming home from work tonite was listening to the radio and it was old SANFL footballers who played footy during the war, and how their whole life they had been about pleasing everyone else, and it only is now that they got into 70's or so that they finally start please themselves. And we all do it i think. I know this week as ive got on the scales each morning...and theyve been going up...even tho i know its cos i have got TOM due and due to fluid...and i was stretched over what? The fact on friday i mite have to write in here i had a gain...even tho it hasnt messed with my head or deterred me from my journey but just so completely concerned about what the people who see that gain on my site will think. So will weigh in tomorrow...record it and keep going at least it hasnt messed with my head and the ole scales. I rang today and rsvp'd for the feast bbq today - so no getting out of it now !

My book i been reading "love in a torn land" i will prolly finish tonite its the one about the lady who her and her hubby escape from iraw in 1987 when saddam ordered his cousin "chemical ali" to release chemical bombs. Was a really hard read,,,,but so very interesting. I didnt understand before all the history with the kurdish people. Funny how in the book her husband back in 1987 said to her "there is no way Saddam will die peacefully in his sleep"

Tomorrows friday ! YAY a weekend ! cant wait...have a good weekend all...will update my weight tomorrow =]

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Whoever I want to be said...

Good no you fr going to the feast bqq I am sure you will have a great time. Cross fingers for weigh in....