Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Well...decisions, decisions. I spoke to my friend Jody on the phone this morning, for those who dont know shes a yank i met online 6-7 years ago and weve always remained really close friends. Anyway i rang her today and she made a comment "you always do better with your weight loss when at weight watchers" and it got me thinking...and shes right altho...its really that i do better at weight watchers when going to the meeting i went to last year. This whole year while i have lost (about 10 kilos) its not as much as it could have been...i mean thats around 10 kilos in 15-16 im not knocking the weight loss or anything and really glad im 4-5 kilos lighter then when i last was at ww but i think its time to go back to ww and go to my old meeting as often as possible, its not possible every week cos of my roster...but i really liked that leader and weigher and they were always very positive and supportive to me and that one on one from ww i think ive missed. So tuesday i am going back ive decided.

Now im also deciding about the gym (yes again) ive been trying to toss up the pros and cons of curves...the point is i am bored...and other things about it are starting to bug me (ie no shower, not open sundays and that they are closed noon to 2pm each day) there are some weeks where i can only make the gym a couple of times per week and i really wonder if curves is best for me. Ive been looking at fernwood...i really feel like i should do more cardio and less weights...i think doing weights once a week is prolly enuff for decisions decisions

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