Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Well i made more scrolls last nite. I didnt make it to the gym...i didnt get out of work till 5.45pm and as the gym closes at 7pm that was cutting it too fine. So went home and watched big brother. OMG im enjoying it so far this year. I also went into pink sofa again...swapped a few more messages with one girl who ive been talking to since mid last week...we seem to get along good and have stuff in common so i can see us arranging to meet each other in time. Which would be good and pressure free as she is looking for friends only which suits me. I then went into hal and played in a gammon tourney and won - wo0ot yay me ! Not much else is happening...but boy i was tired this morning really need a early nite tonite - ok take care all !

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