Thursday, April 26, 2007

now no laughing but while washing my hair last nite i hurt my neck LOL my doctor ( a different doctor to last time) told me i tore fibres in my neck wonder its been sore as crap. When at the docs i AGAIN asked about my heel...hes told me to stop doing weight bearing exercise. Hes told me no long walks, no treadmill and no curves. He wants me to still exercise and suggested i use a i guess the decision about fernwood has been made. I have made a appointment for tomorrow...when i rang them i said i was a member a few months ago...and when i said my name they said "oh your PT was celeste wasnt it"? LOL damn i cant go anywhere and lemme tell you its like 4 years since i been there !!!! But i started tracking again today (dont die of shock tania i REALLY did lol). it would be really nice if when i get on ww's scales on tuesday if i weigh under is DEFINITELY time to step this weight loss up...ive also gone back onto my metaformin...i was taking it last year when i was losing well...its a medication for insulin i got the script filled and am back on that too. Anyway my chicken n rice is cooked so off i go to eat !

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